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Gallery: Case Specific Concepts

Animations designed specifically for your needs. Derived from the facts present in your actual evidence, and input from your witnesses and experts.

These are extemelly beneficial due to the fact that there is one less layer of interpretation for the audience to decipher since they can view your actual evidence in the scene. Blueprints, medical images, measurements, and actual case photographs can all be integrated to build a scene that is literally "your view".

To ensure accuracy to both the evidence and the science, we will submit reviews for your approval at several key stages. Nothing is finalized unless approved, and input and feedback are always welcome.

With older Android phones, you may need to press the on-screen 'stop' button, then press the physical 'back button after the animation to return to this screen.
Water Intrusion 1
Fetal Death
Holes In Foundation
Problem Fire Escape
Obstructed Airflow
Nasal Polyps