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Gallery: Dynamic/Static Graphs
Vi.E.W. offers exciting alternatives and variations to this staple of the presentation arsenal. Dynamic charts actually show how elements change both over time, relative to each other, and as a result of peripheral factors. A great way for an audience to actually witness the results of changing inputs and influences.

Other useful benefits of dynamic charts and graphs include.....
  • -Elements have the ability to appear, dissappear, shift, and zoom in and out as needed. This keeps the focus on whatever section you are currently discussing, and ensures legibility throughout.
  • -As a timeline progresses, past events can simply fade away, and future events can remain hidden. This keeps a timeline from getting physically too long, and the data from getting crammed together.
  • -Easily modify the influence of each variable over the result, or have influences change as variable values change.
  • - Link charts together, and feed the output of one chart as an input variable to another.
  • - Add as many inputs and outputs as you desire.
  • - Display data in anyway you would like, be it bar graphs, pie charts, dynamic graphics, or moving icons.
  • - Incorporate your own images to retain consistency and familiarity.
With older Android phones, you may need to press the on-screen 'stop' button, then press the physical 'back button after the animation to return to this screen.
Dynamic Graph 1
Dynamic Graph 2
Static Graph