About Me
I graduated from the University Of Michigan with a Masters Degree in Medical and Biological Illustration. We took classes with the medical and dental students as well as refine our studio skills.
From there I worked as a medical illustrator at the University Of Medicine and Dentistry Of New Jersey for one year. That's where I had access to a Silicon Graphics machine with Softimage, and taught myself. After visiting San Francisco, I packed my bags and headed west. I found myself suddenly working as a lead character artist in the game industry.
I worked as a lead character artist for companies such as Crystal Dynamics, Z-Axis, and Activision for the next ten years. Until about the last 2 years, I was the entire character department!
After the typical mass layoff, I found myself drawing again on my love of science, and started a company called "VisuaLegal" with an attorney friend of mine. From there I branched off to start "Visuals For Expert Witnesses", which I still do till this day.
Due to the ups and downs inherent in freelance work, I am looking for more steady employment, and continue freelancing in the evenings. Would love work in film, back in the game industry, or with another legal graphics firm.

David Renneker

(415) 522-0859

7861 Genson Drive

Northville, MI 46168

e-mail: daverenneker@outlook.com

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