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Gallery: General Concepts

General Concepts refer to graphics used to clarify basic principles that your expert will build upon. This cursory overview teaches the fundamental concepts necessary for comprehending the testimony about to come. Also helpful in aquainting people with relevant industrial, legal, and scientific principles.

Depending on the audience, the nature of the animation can be adjusted. Often analogies and everyday metaphors are the simplest yet most effective vehicles for explaining basic science to a non-scientist audience. Often we will introduce a short primer (what we call a "Mr. Science!") before getting into the actual facts of the case.

Since these "Mr. Science" videos illustrate universal principles, they can be licensed for multiple uses, and modified as the need arises.

With older Android phones, you may need to press the on-screen 'stop' button, then press the physical 'back button after the animation to return to this screen.
Pressure Gradients
Immune Response
Subdural Hematoma
Carbon Monoxide