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“A computer animation is demonstrative evidence offered to help a jury understand expert testimony or other substantive evidence"


Well conceived, professional visuals, delivered in concert with the testimony of your witness, are exceptional tools for obtaining the maximum impact and effectiveness from live testimony. A solid unity is formed between the message being delivered and how that message is being received.

Visuals For Expert Witnesses is a 3D animation, graphics, and illustration studio catering specifically to the legal profession. Our small size and low overhead allows us to remain quite affordable for smaller firms, individuals, or smaller cases.

If you are an attorney or an expert, and interested in putting these new tools to work for you, we would love to hear from you.

Please take a moment to visit our "Introduction" page for a brief slideshow describing the powerful resources "Visuals For Expert Witnesses" can bring to your next trial, mediation, lecture, or presentation.

Make the audience literally "see what you are saying".

    Coming in 2017
  • Development of the custom "Fluid Composite"; a interactive and flexible way to create 3D suspect composite drawings.
  • Physics driven simulations of crashes, collisions, and collapses.
  • Photorealistic rendering with the Mental Ray rendering engine.
  • 3D printing to turn your geometry into a solid, physical object.